Monday, July 30, 2012

old friends

memories are the threads that hold together
the patchwork of friendship

40 years is a long time, a lot of wander under the bridge. As people started arriving at our class reunion, I depended on the name tags to identify most people, then once the connection was made and the voice matched up, then it was like going back in time. They may not look the same, but that teenager spark is still in there, smiling back. Someone said it was like going to sleep, then waking up and the last 40 years were all a dream.

memories light the corner of my mind,
misty water color memories
of the way we were

I did not take near enough pictures, too much talking, but thankfully there was a photographer there to document the event for all of us memory-challenged folks. And what a nice photographer - while taking the group photos, she asked if anyone had a camera, she would get a shot for them too.

I talked to a lot of people, but I am sure I missed some too. There was some reminiscing about old times - cruising, Tastee Freeze, pranks, Oklahoma! - but more than reminiscing was talk of current lives and events and just how good it is to see you!

Talked to some people who have retired from work already! And some like me who wonder if they every will.

Some have houses full of kids and grandkids, some just a dog.

Some are taking care of their aging parents, and some are aging raising their grandkids.

Some have children still in high school and some have grandkids starting college.

There were a few couples who have been married forever, and a few who are experiencing 'love is better the second time around'.

Nostalgia is a file that removes the rough edges
from the good old days.
~Doug Larson

The pageant girls still had the wave and were crowned all over again. I think Renee probably slept with her sash on…

There were pictures flashing on the screen of slumber parties and mini skirts and prom and elementary school and teachers and senior trip and pageants, with the soundtrack of our youth playing in the background.

Ah, how good it feels! The hand of an old friend.
~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

BFF Wilma's enthusiasm made it more fun (just like old times). We wore matching school color t-shirts!

She was on the planning committee and had reunion fever, calling folks and telling them they better come because we might not be around in another 10 years! Speaking of the committee - a TON of hard work and a year and a half of planning went into making this happen - KUDOS to all of you! (I went to just one meeting so I deserve no praise, but received all the subsequent e-mail updates).

There was a good turnout, they came from near and far, about half are still local, another big group still in the state of Georgia, and a handful came from out of state, one all they way from New Jersey!

The announcement was made for the upcoming MEGA reunion for anyone who ever attended West Fannin High School - a biannual event which will be on October 6th of this year. I went to this multi-year reunion a couple of years ago {see story HERE}, it was well attended and saw a lot of people from other classes, teachers, principals, etc.

I found this on the internet as a 'funny high school reunion quote': "What’s the point of a high school reunion? I have Facebook. I already know you got fat." Facebook is great for staying connected, but it doesn't compare with connecting in person.

So if you get the opportunity, go to your 40th high school class reunion. If you are worried about what time has done to you - take this good advice from my friend Kay: "You are supposed to come as you are, not as you were."

And don’t worry about what to wear or the extra pounds, wear comfortable shoes, remember everyone will have changed too, just be yourself and have fun.

those were the days my friend
we thought they'd never end
we'd sing and dance forever and a day
we'd live the life we choose
we'd fight and never lose
for we were young and sure to have our way.
those were the days, oh yes those were the days.

~Mary Hopkin

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