Monday, June 25, 2012

Wichita Quilt Show

Well over 500 quilts filled the expo center in Wichita over the weekend at the Common Threads Quilt Show. It was a bit overwhelming! So much work on display, hours of cutting and sewing and quilting. After a while they all started to blend together, it was hard to pick out a favorite. A warehouse full of inspiration and creativity!

There were samplers, stars, postage stamps, pineapples, traditional, modern, stained glass, pinwheels, cats, t-shirts, sunbonnets, optical illusions, yo-yos, wedding ring, vintage, patriotic, cathedral windows, hearts, squares, rectangles, triangles, pieced, applique, embroidery, cross stitch, friendship, graduation, retirement, crazy quilts, labels.

One thing that I especially liked was the quilts made by kids at Quilt Camp, a community service project of the local Prairie Quilt Guild to teach the art of quilting to the next generation and keep it alive. Kayla proudly displays her quilt made at Quilt Camp this year.

~photo album HERE


Linda_J said...

The sampler on point with the 6 inch finished blocks? I am starting one soon but about half it is my own block choices---and is NOT going to be brown either. LOL, other than that---just like it!

Glad you got to go and enjoy the endless variety of the quilts at the show!

Mayleen said...

Thanks for coming to the quilt show! I'm a PQG member and had a few quilts in the show.

Hope you enjoy your time here in Kansas!