Monday, May 21, 2012

wounded knee

With a marathon weekend of family events scheduled starting Friday, on Thursday night Kyle busted up his knee. He was determined not to miss anything though, so he hobbled through the weekend on crutches, at times obviously in a lot of pain.

Monday morning ortho appointment revealed fractured kneecap with bone fragments and lots of blood. Surgery scheduled for Wednesday for repair.

He has his dad's knees and has had trouble before, so hopefully this will be a permanent fix. Not the way to celebrate the last day of school, but he has the summer to recuperate. Also so much for that summer job to earn money for college... maybe his granma can come up with something for him to do!


Linda_J said...

Yeoww----so much for plans but I hope that he can get fixed up right and recover before school starts. Granma needs to find him a sit down job to do.

Melzie said...

poor guy, hope he recovers fairly quickly!
xoxo melzie