Monday, May 14, 2012

Sunflower Balloon Festival

the crowds gathered Saturday afternoon at the Anthony Kansas airport for the 15th annual Sunflower Balloon Festival

lots of waiting around to see if the balloons would be able to lift off, depending on the wind

pilots checked wind speed with anemometers and calculators - winds over 8 mph are too much

airport windsock - wind steady out of the north

some used the old fashioned way

it was determined too windy to fly safely and most balloon teams left, but a couple stayed to try to give the crowd a little something

it takes a lot of people holding lots of ropes, one rope was even tied off to the car

this is as good as it got, Jack N the Box almost made it vertical!

Kansas and hot air balloons go together - remember OZ? Wide open spaces, lots of sun, but sometimes too much wind. Great road trip - hot air balloon checked off the list of things to see!


Linda_J said...

wow! I didn't know they did a balloon festival in KS. Too bad that the weather was not cooperating to see them all up in the air floating around.

My pal Norma went to the balloon festival this past winter on a bus trip. The pictures are amazing.

The Jones Family said...

Looks like fun. We have a lot of hot air balloons in this area. Some of them launch just blocks from our house. Thanks for the post.

Brittney Curtis said...

To be completely honest I never knew anything about Kansas other than it is a tornado target. Needless to say I wasn't very interested in visiting because of that limited knowledge, but this blog made me realize everywhere has something unexpected and worth seeing! I love the stories and pictures! Thanks for sharing!