Wednesday, May 23, 2012


♫♪♫♪ we cooked a pig in the ground, we got some beer on ice,
all my rowdy friends are coming over tonight

Washtubs full of beer and cokes, a roasted pig, corn on the cob, the sounds of homemade ice cream churning and country music playing, flip flops and shorts, 'bean bag' games - office party construction style!

The pig was roasted and so was Buddy, celebrating his 10 years with the company, president Marty Robinson did the honors:

Buddy has always greeted folks with Howdy Partner! But ever since he went to Key West that phrase has a new meaning...

Buddy has built a lot of banks, even had his name on a bronze plaque on one in Ellijay, but we had to transfer him to other projects when the banks that Buddy built all started failing...

Hey Buddy tell us about that time you got yourself locked in a closet after everyone had left the job and you had to kick your way out...

Buddy leaves his mark on every project, leaves a lasting impression on every client...

There were some ruby-red work boots for him so he can click them together and get home from Kansas!

There was a questionable picture of him and Chris - but hey, what happens in Key West stays in Key West...

Chris Gillhouse (project manager) says working with Buddy always makes him smile, like the time Buddy thought he had found a great campground near the job in Royston, Georgia, only to find out it was not quite his lifestyle...

Office pranks, practical jokes, funny stories, the office folks let him have it. We family members were asked for stories, but we were tight-lipped, having to live with him and all.

The roast didn’t last near as long as the praise for a job well done, well actually the stats listed 28 jobs well done.

The office girls praised him for the numerous woodwork projects he has given over the years as gifts. Marty said he enjoys his M&Ms every night after supper - that come out of the candy dispenser that Buddy made.

Company owner Carl Herndon summed it up - some people do things the easy way or the fast way, but Buddy always does things the right way.

A great time was had by all, thanks y'all for a great party!

Thanks Diesha for the great photos!


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