Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pioneer Woman

Pioneer Woman statue
Ponca City, Oklahoma

“In appreciation of the heroic character of the women who braved the dangers and endured the hardships incident to daily life of the pioneer and homesteader in this country.”

Another great find while out on our mid April tornado road trip! They love the bronze statues out here in the plains - and the bigger the better, there is certainly enough space to accommodate the size! Love the tall unmown grassland feature around the statue. You can see the determination and strength in this woman, with her hand firmly holding her son's hand, her eyes on the Southwest horizon, and the words in her mind, "I see no boundaries".

The vision of a statue honoring the pioneer women of this country belonged to E.W. Marland, Ponca City resident, oilman, philanthropist, U.S. Congressman, and 10th governor of the state of Oklahoma. The statue was modeled by Bryant Baker.

It was announced that the statue would be unveiled on April 22, 1930 on the 41st anniversary of the Land Run of 1889 which opened the Oklahoma Territory to settlers. The day was declared a state holiday by the governor and the celebration in Ponca City included a parade, 19-gun salute. An estimated 40,000 people attended the unveiling.

The ceremony included tributes to Oklahoma's pioneers, starting with an speech by President Herbert Hoover. The unveiling ceremonies were closed by Oklahoma humorist, Will Rogers.

The statue is 27 feet high and weighs 12,000 pounds. The nearby museum showcases the history of women in Oklahoma.

Pioneer Woman Museum


The Jones Family said...

Oh wow, I remember seeing this statue when I was a little girl. It is a beautiful statue...very elegant and graceful, I always thought. It is so cool to see it again. I am getting a little homesick to see Ponca City again. I don't know if I would even recognize the town, but I have some very vivid memories of living there, including some pretty frightening "tornado moments." Thanks again for sharing these pictures.

Barbara Emma Morey said...

Absolutely beautiful. Thank you Susan for taking us all along with you on the road to see the most beautiful things in the most beautiful areas of the US of A