Thursday, May 10, 2012

its a job

Chick-fil-A West Wichita under construction

duck pond

here's your sign

shaping up!

Buddy at work

The blueprints can be the same, the materials the same, the superintendent the same... but in different parts of the country you have to deal with the variables - building codes, inspectors, and of course weather. If an area has been in a drought, just let Buddy start a job there and the rain will start. I guess that is why his nickname at the office is Muddy Buddy!

Take the dirt for example. From the first day on the job here in Kansas this dirt has been a pain - black and sticky, never dries out - they say it is great for farming, but not so much for construction. And definitely not like the last job where it was sand and drainage happened almost immediately when the rain fell. If it rains here, it is wet for days, weeks, even the ducks flying overhead spotted a nice pond to swim in - and no that is not a landscape feature, it is a mud puddle, Kansas-size!

But finally the rain stopped for a few days so the concrete slab could be poured, then the super fast framing crew flew in from North Carolina - recommended to be expert CFA framers, they claimed to be able to frame it in 8 days, and they did! A whirlwind job, but all looks good and most importantly it passed inspection.

Every evening I get to hear all that went on, went wrong, occasionally went right... but the last words out of his mouth are always the same - it's a job!


tuffenuf-comments said...

It is great that you get to go with "Muddy Buddy" and document his work! You will look back on this with a smile when you are old! I love your posts, Susan; I feel like I know you!!!

Carrie said...

hee hee... Muddy Buddy ;P

Linda_J said...

A little more insight into the construction business that I did not have---each job has its own challenges,sounds like.

I thought "Muddy Buddy" was that cereal stuff that you coat with a chocolate and peanut butter mix and then dust with powdered sugar. AKA Puppy Chow, LOL.

Maybe your next stop should be in the parts of FL again or TX if Buddy on the job equals rain??

Barbara Emma Morey said...

Sounds like buddy has everything under control. Ask buddy this:: is it better to deal with the mud or would you rather deal with nasty, pesky black flies ~ We too have mud season and it's terrible, but when those black flies appear it's unbearable !!

Love the new background too~