Monday, May 7, 2012

crop report

Wheat! Yes, I was out taking pictures of wheat fields, playing tourist, but we don't have wheat in Georgia, and I was prepared for anyone stopping to ask me what I was doing.

On the news was the wheat report, crop scouts traveled across the state (Kansas) inspecting the crop as part of an annual tour organized by the Wheat Quality Council. They count the number of wheat plants in a 3-foot row and the number of grain kernels in each head. It looks like a good year for wheat!

We saw this field being cut and baled - but I don't know if this is wheat or hay?


Barbara Emma Morey said...

What wonderful travels and experiences you are having. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

Linda_J said...

I would guess hay but could have a friend from Oklahoma look---you aren't all that far away from her now.

If it is was IL they would be square bales.

Saska said...

It's wheat they've cut into round bales of hay. We do the same thing...if it has odd weeds/rye or small grain. The cows will still eat it for forage during the winter.