Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Here in Kansas, the wheat is ripe and ready for the picking, as we would say it in apple country where I am from. The local farmers are excited about the early spring, making for an early harvest and the potential for double-planting the fields this year.

The big machines are out working on the harvest - combines? threshers? (I really need to learn more about this process.) When out driving around, the big dust storm ahead indicates the harvest is in process. Many big trucks are on the road hauling grain to the silos/grain elevators.

The business news is full of wheat futures, well it looks like the future of the wheat around here is to be in the breadbasket - no wonder they call Kansas the breadbasket of America!

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Melzie said...

Followed up, at least here in MO, by burning of the fields, it can get eerie looking sometimes!
xoxo melzie