Thursday, April 19, 2012

underground Kansas

There is more than just salt in the Hutchinson, Kansas salt mine.

Hollywood movies - see City Slickers above!

movie costumes

medical records

this is just a representation of the storage area for the museum and tour, the actual record storage is not part of the tour!

650 feet below the plains of midwest Kansas, encased in a solid rock salt cocoon, rests one of the most secure and elusive underground storage facilities in the world.

The Hutchinson salt mine facility was established in the unused portions of a working mine, during the height of Cold War nuclear concerns, as a safe haven for sensitive information and assets. Since 1959 Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike have stored here, from every industry, around the world. It is the largest single storage facility for movie and television film internationally.

Safely tucked away from prying eyes and disaster, more than 1.7 million square feet of space holds untold millions of items in cool, dry conditions. That is roughly equivalent to 35 football fields encased in solid stone, more than 45 stories below the ravages of man and nature.

That which you value will be preserved here, perpetually. It’s called forever storage. It’s arguably the world’s largest time capsule.

Underground Vaults and Storage

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Carrie said...

Of course that's a representation of the medical records storage... there's no way medical records would look so neat and organized! ;P