Monday, March 5, 2012

thirty is...

thirty is wearing funny hats
and being ridiculed by your family

thirty is hoping the sprinkler
doesn't go off in the restaurant

thirty is still
rainbow chip cupcakes

thirty is being called a cougar

thirty is sharing your birthday dinner
with your much-younger boyfriend

The baby of the family is 30!

There have been subtle signs of this impending momentous day, the sound of a clock tick tick ticking in the background- no not the baby clock, but the 'I want my own house' clock...

Even though she is on the verge of adulthood, she still likes her rainbow chip cupcakes. And her family and friends gathered around on her special day, after all, it is all about Carrie!

Happy 30th Birthday!

Thirty is...
your own path,
opening up
to new
never settling
for less...

Thirty is...
of yourself,
taking risks,
aiming for

Thirty is...
just as
as you are.

Have fun with it!


Birthday Girl Carrie said...

Thanks MOOOOOOM ! ;P

Barbara Morey said...

Happy Birthday Carrie and remember, the 3o's are great. I have to recognize you too Susan. You did all the work on the day of her birth and you too need to celebrate right along with Carrie. Wishing you both much happiness, health and success in the years to come !