Wednesday, February 22, 2012

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Ocean City, Maryland is the White Marlin Capitol of the World and home of the 39th annual White Marlin Open tournament, August 6-10, 2012.

I keep seeing this flag flying everywhere, could it really be the Maryland state flag, what are the different colors and symbols for?

The Maryland flag contains the family crest of the Calvert and Crossland families. Maryland was founded as an English colony in 1634 by Cecil Calvert, the second Lord Baltimore. The black and Gold designs belong to the Calvert family. The red and white design belongs to the Crossland family.

It is the only state flag in the United States to be based on English heraldry. It was officially adopted by Maryland in 1904.

It looks kind of like quilt squares, although I would never have put those colors together!

Ocean City, originally called The Lady's Resort to the Ocean.

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