Friday, February 17, 2012


Bethany Beach totem pole, 'Little Owl'

the lighthouse at Dewey Beach is a restaurant

WW II artillery spotting tower

Eleven towers in all along the Jersey and Delaware coast, our military was posted in each of the towers in order to triangulate artillery fire on enemy ships sailing off our coast.

Indian River Inlet bridge - the 5th bridge to be built here in 65 years, how long will this one last?

Traveling north from here on the Coastal Highway, the Delaware state line is just a few miles from here. Supposedly the Mason-Dixon line crosses between Maryland and Delaware, I was expecting at least a small sign!

The highway follows the coast and travels through several state parks including Fenwick Island and Delaware Seashore, crosses the Indian River inlet over the newly opened bridge, through small coastal towns like Dewey and Bethany which were pretty much closed up for the winter, and then up to Rehoboth. A nice drive this time of year without all the tourists.

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