Thursday, January 19, 2012

whaling wall

We wondered what this building used to be, the faded mural on the abandoned building at the harbor. Then a local blogger posted this HERE:

SAVE THE WYLAND WALL. The old Fresh Market is supposed to be turned into a mini brewery with a restaurant on the top. Rumor has it that in the re-modeling they plan to paint over the Wyland Wall. We need to stop this! Rumor is that they also plan on having bands with amplified music on top of the building. This also needs to be stopped.

An internet search discovered that this is a painting by the artist Wyland and is one of the 100 of its kind around the world as seen HERE:

Photo of Wyland's Whaling Wall #052 'Florida's Living Reef' The Waterfront Market 201 Williams St. Key West, Florida 52 Feet Long x 45 Feet High Dedicated September 27, 1993

Wyland has a gallery here in Key West, one of the many, many galleries here. There is art everywhere you look here, whether it be on canvas or concrete, watercolor, sculpture, or sand. The artists are drawn here by the light and colors and temperature (just like the rest of us!).

fountain near Mallory Square


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hope they do save it, Susan.. Seems like they could still renovate it --and save the painting....

netdera said...

hmm! very nice

Anonymous said...

HE IS Repainting it in October 2012