Wednesday, December 14, 2011

lower latitude observations

fresh seafood

talented artists

holiday decorations - penguins on the roof!

colorful pets


open-air Christmas shopping

flowers blooming in December

As my days are numbered here, trying to gather all the things I want to remember about living here in Key West, which is a good thing about this blog, documenting daily life to help the feeble mind remember... along with the literally thousands of pictures taken.

Just some random thoughts...

having to walk up steps to get into the grocery store or fast food restaurant

the homeless guys sleeping on the beach

lots of bicycles - the worker type at Buddy's job who arrived at work bringing in his bike seat so it wouldn't go missing

the old rundown K-Mart store

meeting an actual artist

the awesome sunsets

the massive cruise ships going by my window

locals in shorts and flipflops at the Christmas tree lot (dang I missed that picture!)

walking on the tarmac at the airport

the ever-changing colors of the ocean and sky

witness to hundreds of beach weddings

the feel of the sand between my toes, sun on my skin

palm trees swaying in the breeze

all the festivals and parades

the laid-back attitude, living on island time

the resident chickens

the history and architecture

delicious seafood at The Rusty Anchor and Hogfish Grill and Red Fish Blue Fish

condo life - surprisingly nice folks, nice digs, and of course my favorite - the magic garbage chute!

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Barbara Morey said...

and one more - a cheeseburger in paradise !!