Sunday, December 4, 2011

letters from home

The letterman jacket, coveted by nerds and earned by jocks for generations for their accomplishments in sports. Back when I was in high school even us lowly cheerleaders got one!

Madison recently received a Letter in sports for Cross Country. So now she just needed a jacket to put it on. No longer provided free by the schools, a letterman jacket costs new, plain, $350 plus any additions (like your name or school name or sport). Wow, bummer!

Just think about all the letterman jackets out there that are packed away after graduation, never to be worn again. Maybe we could put an ad in the paper for previously worn jackets, probably get them at a good price. If we only knew someone who had one...

Earlier in the season at one of Madison's track meets, her mom told her dad that Madison would probably letter this year, and that she would need a jacket to put her letter on. (lightbulb moment!) "Hey, Andy didn't you have a letterman jacket at one time?" Yes he did! And after many years (17!) and several moves, he knew exactly which box it was in. He was skeptical, "Do you think she would want my old jacket?"

Well duh! There is the family heirloom thing and the recycle/reuse thing, and the fact that it is nice and worn in already, but knowing Madison the best part is the cost! She is very frugal with money and I am sure saw this as an offer too good to refuse.

I received an e-mail from her asking if I could look at the jacket and see if the old wrestling patches could come off, you know the stuff that makes grandmothers smile, asking for help from the grandkids!

The patches all came off without a hitch, the only worry was that the fabric underneath the former patches would be darker, but not!

So now the vintage jacket it is all ready for the next generation to proudly display her accomplishments. Way to go Madi!


Joann said...

I love that she is a savvy enough young woman that having a family treasure is best. My HS is now awarding Academic letters to make doing well academic as cool as being athletic. Congrats to the new owner of a way cool letterman jacket.

Bonnie Jacobs said...

I want to click on a "LIKE" button for this. :D A proud moment made even better with an heirloom jacket.

Barbara Morey said...

Ah Susan,
Great story which brought back memories of my 'cheerleading jacket' with my letter on it. I think it's awesome she inherited 'the' jacket.... a new tradition. Tell her to treat it with love, she'll need to pass it down to one of her children !!!
Peace to you~

Madison M said...

Hahaha thanks for the post, Granma Susan!! I love reading your blog! I hope you're enjoying FL I miss you already and can't wait to see you during Christmas! The letterman jacket is going to be dry cleaned and then off to the company that does the school's jackets so they can apply my patches and letter. I love you!