Wednesday, November 16, 2011

catching up

Melissa came down to visit last week, to catch up on R&R and de-stress and lay low for a while, taking a break from her busy life.

It was fun catching up - enjoyed the time with her, we caught up on all the news of kids, grandkids, work, sisters, neighbors, school, we planned thanksgiving dinner, did some sightseeing, spent time at the beach and harbor and lots of eating out.

We talked about where all the kids will be in 5 years - which ones will be married, which ones will be in college, if she will be a grandmother yet - LOL!!!

I am glad that both of my girls took the chance (bribe) to visit us here in paradise, probably won't ever be back this way again. I miss them already and looking forward to seeing the whole family at Thanksgiving!

1 comment:

~Melissa said...

i can be bribed again. :)

Thanks mom!