Friday, November 11, 2011

wedding crashers

11/11/11 - a popular day to get married for some reason - perhaps so the anniversary date will be easy to remember?

The local paper reported 83 marriage licenses sold the first three days of this week. From our balcony we were virtual wedding crashers, witnesses to many of these ceremonies, going from sunrise to sunset, we watched sometimes seeing as many as 5 at one time.

Good luck to them all. But a comment in the local paper - I wonder how many of these will get divorced on 12/12/12?

Whether prompted by a cosmic connection or a conveniently remembered anniversary, couples all over the world have chosen to start their life together on today's rare palindromic date, meaning the numbers read the same backward and forward. The phenomenon happens only once every 100 years, with 11/11/11 achieving even more infamy as the only double-digit occurrence, as there is no 22nd month.

Courthouses throughout the nation have been reporting steep increases in the number of marriage licenses issued for 11/11/11 weddings. The Monroe County court clerk had issued 83 such licenses countywide between Monday and Wednesday afternoon. Last year, only 23 were issued in the county in the same three-day time period, a representative of the clerk's office said. ~ Keys News

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