Friday, October 14, 2011

island time

Carrie and Daniel are busy playing tourist, she has her list of places to see and things to do, they are scurrying around checking things off the list, well Carrie is anyway.

They need to slow down and enjoy, get on Island time… found this online for first-time visitors to Key West:

The term ‘Island Time’ means everything down here is slower. The most important thing to remember is that YOU ARE ON VACATION. The second most important thing is to GET YOURSELF ON ISLAND TIME. Slow down. Relax. Live your favorite Corona commercial!

Of course the ironic thing is that Carrie is the daughter that has no worries, not the one who really needs a vacation. Melissa is home with 4 teenagers, her work has slowed down, the weather is cold, I keep telling her COME ON DOWN! That could be you in these pictures!

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Anonymous said...

Melissa wrote: "well send Carrie and Daniel home to "take care of" house/animals/kids and Keith and I will be right down. ROFL....LMAO....."