Wednesday, September 14, 2011

rural key life

Key deer

got anything in that truck?

National Key Deer Refuge

The Blue Hole

Florida gator!

After spending a whole week in the city, we just had to get out and find some uninhabited land... Big Pine Key is the home of the Key deer, and a few other critters we discovered. Key deer are smaller than the ones we have in Georgia, and somewhat tamer. Despite all the signs to the contrast, I believe someone has been feeding these little ones, as they came right up to the truck window.

Slow down going through Big Pine Key and watch out for the deer crossings. And watch out for that gator, too.


janeywan said...

Great photos, looks like your having a blast! The deer are whitetails right?

RedBerry said...

nice. i love the florida keys. its the perfect vacation destination.