Tuesday, September 20, 2011

behind the gate

Gated community - having long ridiculed the gated communities and their list of rules and covenants, we find ourselves in one now, and I must say, it is surreal. There is something about a list of rules that makes you want to break at least one, or maybe bend it a little.

I do love the garbage chute outside our door, just drop it in and the garbage disappears - as opposed to home, waiting til you get enough stinky garbage saved up to warrant the trip to the dump and then paying them to take it off your hands…

I want to shake the rugs out over the balcony, but that is prohibited, which is reasonable given that folks live down below. The country girl in me wants to string up a clothesline on the balcony - all that free sunshine!

I am very aware of the sound level of the television and radio, not used to having folks living above and below and beside me (well at home Melissa lives next door, but I can't even see her house and it is a good walk to get there.. and I don't think she can hear my loud music).

The walk to the mailbox includes an elevator ride and a key. Unlike the one at home, I doubt this mailbox has ever seen any snow or colorful fall leaves.

The same moon shines here just like home, tho at home you usually can't see it for the trees. It looks like our camping chairs are enjoying the view and being up out of the red Georgia mud for a change!

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Carrie 'The Housesitter' said...

I'm so sorry for you having to adjust to such horrid rules and regulations. I only hope that you can muster through a few more MONTHS of this injustice.

Here's thinking of you... in the Georgia red mud, chilly blustery mornings, acorns pelting the roof like bullets, and having to drive through very low visibility fog over a mtn to get to work everyday.