Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lexington, Georgia

Off the beaten path, way off the interstate are the small towns with character. And history. Lots of history.

Oglethorpe County courthouse, circa 1887

Lexington, Georgia is the home of the Oglethorpe County courthouse, a very impressive and immense building, with wonderful craftsmanship in the masonry and carving, the kind of work seldom seen today and impressively still standing after 125 years, causing us to pause and appreciate.

"Richardsonian/Romanesque Revival style, it was built entirely of local materials except for the limestone capitals on the columns, at a cost of $30,000. The Seth Thomas clock in the tower weighs 1,000 lbs, and was wound by hand until it was electrified in 1988."

carved limestone capitals on columns

home of Governor George Rockingham Gilmer (1790-1859), just one of many prominent statesman from this area

across from the courthouse, the rest of the town shows its age

Oglethorpe County jail, circa 1878

The Oglethorpe County jail has been undergoing renovation and preservation. "With its arched window crowns, quoins, and bracketed cornice and entrance, the jail shows a strong Italianate influence that is very unusual for this type of building."

This sleepy little town is one we pass through on our way home every weekend. We stopped last Sunday to look around and take these pictures, not leaving the main street.

Some online searching revealed the census of this town to be 239, in sharp contrast to the many more historical homes and churches and buildings listed HERE.

The history goes way back to the Creek and Cherokee Native Americans, the establishment of the colony of Georgia, tobacco and cotton farming, and home to many prominent political men in the state and nation, more history HERE.

So instead of breezing through these small towns to get to somewhere else, stop and walk around, read, learn, and of course take pictures!

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LubbyGirl said...

We were just here in June, on a Sunday. I gathered from the closed stores there across from the courthouse that the town was closed on Sundays. We so much enjoyed our short visit anyway, taking pictures of the buildings and the artwork out front. And doing a search online to remember the name of the town, I came across your blog!! Thank you SO MUCH for being here for me to find!!