Wednesday, March 2, 2011

ghosts of neighbors past

Folks come and go, houses are built up and fall down, but the March flowers come back every spring, strong and persistent like the women who planted them, not only the first color of spring but a reminder of the past, bringing a smile to all who pass by.

Osborn Farm - I look forward to the flowers and this pastoral scene every spring on nearby Clear Creek Road.

Pearl Foust - a friend to everyone, neighbor, AT hiker, African missionary, nurse, lover of dogs, she could grow anything.

Asta Mealer - her house is gone here by Turkey Creek, but her memory lives on in the hearts of her friends and family.

Mae Reece - another strong mountain woman who lived here on Burnt Mountain all her life, I remember her drying apples on screen wire on the front porch.

Osborn sisters - I didn't know them, but the story goes... two sisters married two brothers and lived together working the farm and store.

Lola Mealer - I remember sitting on her front porch and listening to her stories, my favorite was about the time Granny Gatewood walked down the road and set a spell, taking a break from her walk on the Appalachian Trail.

An unknown homeplace nearby, now being turned into a vineyard.

Inez - I imagine that instead of her planting these flowers, it was her loving husband, perhaps these are his legacy

In memory of the all strong women who used to live nearby - Inez, Asta, Pearl, Mae, Lola Mealer, Bessie and Emma Osborn - ladies your flowers are once again blooming right where you left them, thanks for the smiles.


Stray Stitches said...

What fantastic pictures! Thanks for sharing the history behind them. How wonderful to be able to live in such a picturesque and historic area.

Carrie said...

sniffle sniffle....

Thanks mom for gettin me all misty eyed first thing in the morning! :p

I saw some daffodils driving home last week and immediately thought of Mamaw Tidwell :)

Rose said...

This was/is a wonderful post.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Susan, What a wonderful tribute to all of your neighbors gone by. The pictures are beautiful.

Melissa Scott said...

what a great blog! sure would make a great story to pass on to the future generations. . maybe you should put this in a book :)