Wednesday, November 17, 2010

just say it

Cancer SUCKS!

I know a woman who stands tall and strong,
She fights all night and all day long,
She’s fought this war for seven years,
Through it all I’ve seen few tears,
She loves her children and her husband,
They’ve been nothing but support times a dozen,
God’s calling her home a little each minute,
Although her strength she’s not going to win it,
Her heart is worth more than a million bucks,
I know one thing that’s true, no matter what,
And that thing is that Cancer SUCKS!

-Madison Macaulay

Cancer SUCKS written by my 13-year-old granddaughter about her friend Robin.

When asked how Robin is, her husband replies she is happy. That is inconceivable to her friends, how can she be happy, we certainly are not. But it is not about us. She has known and accepted her fate, she has faith in God, she is ready, she does not feel cheated.

Stepping back to look at the big picture, what has really happened in this community? People have come out of their cocoons, have started going to church, have become involved and even leaders of youth groups. Businesses have organized fundraisers, employers have given paid leave, teachers have looked the other way when children show up with pink hair.

As tragic as it is - the too-soon loss of a young mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend - the benefits to the lives she has touched will live on, Robin is leaving her legacy behind, a little bit in everyone she meets. Her effect on this community will be here much longer than her earthly body.

Even in these her final days when she is so tired, she lets her friends come over supposedly to comfort her, but it is really the other way around, Robin is ever positive and nurturing, her smile brightens their day and her visitors leave comforted themselves.


Carrie said...

... well said ...

Melissa Scott said...

I know where Madison gets her writing skills from. What a great blog!

Susann Akers said...

A lovely tribute to some one who sounds like a very special person