Wednesday, October 20, 2010

road trip

Atlas and campground guide laid out on the table. Road trip plans underway. Decisions, decisions, mountains or sea, what will it be?

After working for a year without a break, 1 week is usually all we take off, so it is amazing that we are taking 2 - my boss was apparently also amazed -

Are you really asking for 2 weeks off - in a ROW?

Has it really been that long since we took a 2 week road trip? The 1993 Grand Canyon trip in the motorhome?

The purpose of a vacation is to put some distance between you and your everyday life, a break in the routine, a change in perspective, step back to see the bigger picture…

Oh, there are other things in life besides work and the everyday grind, I forgot!

First we have to figure out what we are looking for...

looking for new discoveries and old favorites
looking for rough hiking trails and smooth bike paths
looking for brown park signs and squiggly map lines
looking for clear blue skies and falling leaves

looking for misty valleys and tall peaks
looking for wild deer and elk and bear
looking for waterfalls and babbling brooks,
looking for clear mountain rivers and smooth river rocks

I want to drive on roads built by the WPA
I want to camp in parks built by the CCC
I want to hike on lands protected by the NPS
I want to walk through history and nature

looking to spend more time outside than in
looking for the anticipation around the bend
looking for campfire smoke under a blanket of stars
looking for sun and sand and untouched shoreline

and what to pack?
warm blankets or beach towels
hiking boots or flip flops
hot chocolate or suntan lotion

Decisions, decisions...
Mountains or sea, what will it be?
Why not go full circle, why not both?


June said...

Sounds like a lot of fun decisions to be having to make :-) Tough to narrow down though...I know!

Gypsy Quilter said...

I know you'll have a relaxing adventure wherever you go. Two weeks in a row sounds like a really good idea to me too.

Kermit said...

Last year was the first time I took two week's off in my life. It was so nice! At the end of the first week (which flew by) I sat down and thought"I still have a week to go!" Mountain or Sea or a mix of the two, just go and enjoy and it will be worth it!!

Kerri said...

Oh boy, can I come? Yes, I know, 3's a crowd :(
Arcadia is where the forest meets the ocean. It's beautiful, but it would be cold. I've been there and loved it.
I'd choose warm myself. Haven't seen sand or the ocean in a very long time. Boo hoo.
Wherever you choose to go I know you two will have a wonderful time together.