Wednesday, October 6, 2010

How to make fried pies

After mentioning fried pies in two recent posts, I received these questions from some friends north of here: "What exactly is a fried apple pie? How does one fry a pie?" I told them it must be a Southern thang, so this is for all my Yankee friends.

Gather the ingredients - pie filling, canned biscuits, flour, oil.

Pie filling - this can be your choice, even canned pie filling. Here in Georgia we prefer apple or peach - fresh fruit, peeled, cut up, cooked and sweetened to taste - add cinnamon if you wish.

Canned biscuits? Of course you can make home made pie crust if you want, I prefer the quick-n-easy way. (click photos to enlarge)

gather ingredients

roll out biscuit

add filling to one half,
moisten edge with water

fold over

seal with fork

place in medium hot oil, turn once

and voila!
fried apple pies

Note - You could use the same oil to fry up some okra, unless y'all don't know what that is either?


Kermit said...

One of my best memory is when my Grandmother fried apple pie's and a cold glass of milk fresh from the cow. The cream standing tall before she shook it up. Ummmm good!

The Calico Cat said...

I know what Okra is & I ahve had it fried thankyouverymuch.

BTW I am going to try this fried apple pie thing during hanukkah. (I have used those canned biscuits to make donuts before - just drop them in oil - when the look done take them out & sprinkle them with powdered sugar or sugar or cinnamon sugar.

P.S. Did buddy think he had a second birthday?

Sandy said...

Thanks for visiting my blog.
I was pleased and surprised to see the recipe for fried pies. One of my supervisors used to make them for us and I've wondered how she did them. I'm not much of a baker (more sewing & quilting) so my family would be surprised.

Seeing Anew said...

Wow, you really did fry a pie! Amazing! On my way out to buy a can of biscuit dough! Or hmmm maybe a ready-made pie crust. Can one really fry pie crust? Or do you have to bake that? Then it would just be pie, not fried pie, I guess. Well you've dashed my prior image of southern belles putting whole peach pies into gigantic deep-fryers and frying them whole. Your little fried pies look delish! Now okra is another story. Bought a box of frozen okra once. Boiled them. Horrifying experience! Never saw so much slime in my life! Won't be making fried okra pie any time soon.

Stray Stitches said...

Looks so easy - looks so addicting - lol! You may keep your okra - yuck.

Motherkitty said...

We get them from the Amish and they are to die for. Didn't realize how easy they are to make and will definitely try this.

I may be a d***ed Yankee, but I sure do love me some fried pies.

Kerri said...

They look delicious! You may have started a craving for fried pies up north :)
I wonder how Judy's turned out.
Okra is something I don't think I've ever tried, but I do know what it is ;)

Melissa Scott said...

After reading all of these comments, it reminds me how lucky I am to live in the south and have a mom that raised me with fried pies and fried okra!

thanks mom! I think I might have to make a quick run to the Apple House now for some pie

Lainee said...

Cataching up on blog reading after company for two weeks and a 4 day quilting mom made great fried apple pies! She dried her apples to preserve them, so the filling was always very dark and intense in flavor. Okra...YUM...discovered pickled okra after moving down here.

Rose said...

My mom made fried apple pies, but she made her own dough....and I think she started with dried apples. I don't do them, but I do make cornbread from an iron skillet.