Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Hero!


Congratulations to Collin Chambers on completing the entire Appalachian Trail!

The long-awaited peak of Mount Katahdin was shrouded in clouds and rain and wind and sleet and snow yesterday when Collin claimed her victory over the 2179 mile long trek she began 6 months ago. She had to overcome many adversities along the way, but she pushed herself to her limits and beyond, her post-hike thoughts summing it up:

"I wanted to turn around and get someplace warm and dry more than once today. But I had no intention of hiking 2,173.9 miles without completing the last 5.2."

Collin, we have enjoyed living vicariously through your blog posts from the trail, thanks for the adventure! We looked forward to reading your stories which were funny and very entertaining. I see a book in the future!

Some things this armchair hiker has learned by your example:

go the distance
finish what you start
don't give up
winners never quit and quitters never win
dream big
set a goal
just do it

and as you so aptly captioned your victory photo:

I Can Do Anything!

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june said...

Quite an accomplishment!