Wednesday, August 18, 2010

the big yellow bus

It is that time again, the first day of school!

If you listen closely, you will hear the big yellow bus rumbling up the mountain road, pause, start again, and then the sound that pierces the silence of the surrounding forest, YeeHaw! School has started back, finally! WooHoo! This of course from the moms on this long-awaited first day of school. They get their life back, their house back, no more entertaining the troops or picking up after them, well until this afternoon...

All you young moms enjoy this day, I remember it well. Just remember before long they will all be gone and you can have this feeling every day like I do - woohoo! Um, I mean, wow, it sure is quiet around here, what will I do? (LOL)


Melissa Scott said...

WooHoo!! Yippee!! YeeHaw!!! Party! Too bad I woke up without a voice again. . . must be partying too much in my dreams.

Pam said...

Maybe daydream about seeing beautiful blue butterflies on a quite walk through the woods.
Now that's a fantastic idea, isn't Susan!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Well---I was a teacher for awhile when my children were young ---so we had the same schedule... I was the happiest when it was Thanksgiving or Christmas--or in SUMMER..... ha

But---I can only imagine how much stay-at-home Mom's or Dad's would love that time when the kids are in school.... That's why I could never be a homeschool mother.