Tuesday, July 20, 2010

sad to glad

hodgepodge of geraniums, lantana, salvia, impatiens

impatiens and geraniums

These plants who looked pretty SAD over the winter banished to the laundry room and artificial light are obviously glad to be set free out in the sun.

They are doing great which prompts plans to save many more over the winter this year. Making notes on which ones do well - so far geraniums are the most hardy, with impatiens a close second.


colleen said...

I'm always fascinated with how death and life exist together, in the garden and everywhere.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Susan, I keep my Impatiens in pots over the winter also. I have a place in my dining room area next to a big sliding door--where they get some afternoon sunshine. They make it --but do MUCH better outside in the summer...

I had Geraniums before also--and they lasted for several years... I should have repotted them --but never did.. They finally died and I didn't replace them.


Kerri said...

Your containers are looking beautiful!
I too have good luck overwintering geraniums but I've never tried overwintering impatiens. Wax wing begonias do well in the house too and are good in shade.
Your photobook is fabulous! That sure is a glorious place to vacation.