Monday, July 26, 2010

party in the woods

trees and bungee cords hold up the official banner

this is how you slide down the falls - Melissa has to start the fun

party in the woods - campfire, waterfalls, friends and family

For months Melissa has been looking forward to/dreading Sarah's 16th birthday party - so many ideas out there as to what it should be like. When she finally pinned Sarah down as to what kind of Sweet Sixteen birthday party she wanted, Sarah said - down at the falls, campfire, friends, family, cookout, cake! What a great idea, Sarah, it was fun!

if your birthday banner is hung from a tree with bungee cords...

if your 16th birthday party involves getting mud on your bikiki...

if you ride to your 16th birthday party in the back of a pickup...

you might be a country girl!


Lainee said...

Looks like fun! Where were the pictures taken? I'm looking for things to see and do when my son and his family come down next month.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Susan, What a neat party for any child ---even one who is 16.... How special!!!! Where was this waterfall and party???? Neat area for sure..

Thanks for sharing.

colleen said...

Nature's playground!