Wednesday, July 28, 2010

happy belated birthday

Happy birthday to my grandmother and namesake, born July 25, 1879.

Connecting Threads

I don't know where
the fabric came from
possibly flour sacks
collected over the years
or scraps from old clothes

I don't know when
my grandmother started this quilt
or how long it took to cut out those
648 diamond-shaped pieces
all by hand

I don't know if
she was unable to finish it
or was it part of a great cosmic plan
so I would get to
finish what she started

I do know that
she was my grandmother
my father's mother
I was her last granddaughter
this was her last quilt

I know that she left it for me
just a Lone Star
waiting to be batted and lined
and quilted and bound
an heirloom from her to me, her namesake

I know that it is finally done
Grandmother, "You can
take it off your list
of unfinished projects now!"
so can I, sorry it took me so long

I know that more than just a quilt top
was handed down
you also taught me patience
and respect for all the work
that goes into a quilt

I wish I could have known you better
I wish we could have
quilted this one together
sitting side by side
at a quilting frame

Thank you
for the beautiful quilt
for the time it took to piece it together
for the love stitched into each seam
for the threads connecting us together

~finished Lone Star quilt 28 February 2008
~1954 Grandmother Susan (aka Mama Austin) and me on her porch in McDonough, Georgia
~quilt label by local embroidery artist, Sandy Maynard

(originally posted 11 March 2008)


Linda_J said...

What a gorgeous quilt, Susan, but the story about it is even better. How wonderful is it that you could finish the work your namesake grandmother started!?

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh Susan, what a gorgeous quilt. What size is it? Will you hang it--or is it large enough for a bed or a lap quilt???? I love it... Your Grandmother Susan is smiling down from heaven.... She is so happy that you finished it. Wish I had have known one of my grandmothers.

Thanks for sharing... I love it... I have a quilt somewhere which belonged to my mother.. She didn't quilt --but it was hers, so it is special to me.

Nanci said...

Tears from me to you. The joy of finishing such a work of art. Your blog lovingly portrayed your happiness of receiving this gift also made with love to be cherished.
So very very special!

Sandra Henderson said...

Oh how wonderful! I love how you quilted it~ So sweet. I'm SO happy for you that you have these wonderful memories of your grandmother and her quilt. XO