Friday, July 2, 2010

gulf beach memories

Remember when at the Gulf beaches...

the sand was so white and clean

the only thing you sidestepped were seashells

the only worry was an afternoon cloudburst

the rainbow colors were in the sky - not the water

the fireball on the horizon was just the setting sun

Remembering the Gulf Coast beaches, hopefully they will be pristine again real soon.

~photos St. Joseph State Park, Florida 2009


Sandra Henderson said...

Nature has a miraculous way of recoving and I just know all this will be okay. It's so sad for my home state of La., they just can't seem to catch their breath. I sure wish Jindal could have been in control of his own state from the get go... We are hopeful here that the jet stream will protect our beaches, as it does save us from hurricanes for the most part. Beautiful photos!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh that oil spill is just so horrible... I am sick about it. Obama has had all kinds of offers of help from other countries.. What in the world is he waiting on??? We need all the help we can get... GADS!!!! It just seems that nobody is doing all that they CAN do... I feel sorry for the folks in LA and along the coast.

Great pictures... I hope we will see them like this again sometime.

Happy 4th..