Thursday, July 22, 2010

the backup plan

Off and on since I have been blogging I have wondered if I should back up my blog. I think of it especially when Blogger has a glitch (which thankfully hasn't happened in a while).

I sent out an email to several blogger friends about how to do a back up, and I was surprised at the answers, most of which were like me {clueless}. A simple quest ended up with a lot of input, so I will just list all the answers I received (over 13!):

Sorry, I'm about as tech retarded as it's possible to be.....LOL. Must be something out there somewhere that tells how.

I am ignoring the whole concept...

Sorry no I have no idea. I'm sure there is a way to do it though.

I have no idea---but if you find out something, please let me know.

No, I had not even heard of it.

Didn't know I was suppose to. Oh gosh, another thing to think about.

It's something I've never actually thought much about.

I’m just going to trust Google to back up their servers (and my blog) and not worry about backing things up here.

A few brave souls have actually backed up their blogs and shared their expertise:

I use's a Firefox add on.

I actually just use Blurb to slurp my blog into book format. The software is free, you can then either print a book from them or save the file.

Blogger Export - This just backs up the posts (not the photos, comments, etc.)

To get a full working *local* copy of your blog on your computer, check out a website grabber program called HTTrack.

I used an external hard drive - it ended up in two parts: (1) text and (2) visual. I wonder how they are to match themselves up with each other if it comes to that?

Firefox - using the Monthly Drop Down Menu

Probably the reason I started thinking about this again was seeing this ad:

Blog2Print Auto Save - We'll email you a PDF of your blog every month, or every quarter - your choice. Just tell us when to start, and we'll handle the rest. You'll have a copy to keep always. (for a fee of course)

I decided to try some of the ideas I received on one of my small blogs:

Blogger Export took about a minute - just blog posts, no pictures, but would do if nothing else works.

Blurb (blog-to-book software) - took about 5 minutes - have used this before, words and pictures, each post on a separate page, a viable option whether you want to print a book or just keep it on your hard drive.

HTTrack took maybe 10 minutes - very impressive. Free software download that makes a mirror of the website, it opens up offline and looks just like the internet site. Everything seems to work except the comments.

There are probably more options out there, any input is welcome. Thanks for all the email responses, folks! I didn't put names (because I didn't ask permission first) but you know who you are!

Of course whichever backup plan is used, the location of the backup copy is something to think about - if stored on your computer it might crash, or if stored on external memory your house might catch fire. But I think if the house was on fire, a blog backup would be the least of my worries!

Over 13 responses to my question, sounds like a Thursday 13!


Sandra Henderson said...

Well done Susan! I'll pass this along... Put a link back to this~great information! Thank you.

I think I was the one who said, "another thing to worry with/think about" ...

Brenda ND said...

Great post. Thanks for the humor and the information.

Eddie said...

That was very informative and you presented it very well.
I have thought about it often and so has one of my sons. But, after thinking about it, probably 99% of my blog stuff is plagiarism anyway.

Lainee said...

This reminds me of my need to back up pictures on current laptop. I have a bunch being held hostage on previous Dell lapton. The back light died on screen and I have to get this $10 thingy to get photos and files off the hard drive. Maybe I could use that hard drive as a stand alone back up in addition to disks. As far as blogging, I will probably put it's fate in the hands of Goggle.

Together We Save said...

Wow - that is way over my head... I am techy clueless!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Thanks Susan ----I'm going to print out your notes. I would love to get my blog printed out by the year... I know it will cost me some money--but I'd love to have it for future generations. I don't much care about the comments--so that wouldn't matter.

Thanks again for doing all of the hard work for us.

colleen said...

I used to print out all my posts just to have a hard copy but after 4 much paper! When I was switching from and old computer to a new one I stopped and lost track.

When I was struggling with my server and moving my blog to Wordpress I created a blogger blog for a few categories like "Asheville Potter Son" and Floyd Press Stories as a sort of back up. I got lazy and stopped that to. I am going to try that first site you mentioned. Did you decide on one?

I feel good from reading your comments to know that I am not alone in having no tech no logic.