Saturday, June 19, 2010

Ocoee River Hike

A good day for a hike - along the Old Copper Road trail alongside the Ocoee River in Tennessee, whitewater rafters, wildflowers, fresh air and lots of sunshine!

More pictures here


Eddie said...

Wasn't "Deliverance" filmed on the Ocoee River? Some of my Hunter relatives were extras in the film, and a generation or two earlier some Hunters of the area were extras in "I'll Climb the Highest Mountain". It is a beautiful river. We camped on the river early in our marriage, some 42 or so years ago.

colleen said...

The trail looks inviting, especially knowing it leads to a waterfall!

Rose said...

I looked at your photo album at Webshots and there are some awesome shots there...I really like the last couple here a lot.