Saturday, June 5, 2010

for the birds

When our hummingbird feeder hit the dirt (literally, the rope broke) and broke into pieces, I looked at all the local stores only to find cheaply made plastic ones that looked like they wouldn't last one season, which is probably part of the big picture for the seller.

I really liked the one that broke, in fact I had two of them, one on each side of the house. So I looked on the bottom for the manufacturer and found them online, thinking I could just order the glass. Found the glass for about $9 or the entire feeder for $27 plus shipping. I don't think so.

Then I remembered my favorite shopping place - Amazon. They have everything!

Sure enough, there it was and only $12.82 with free shipping. I love Amazon!

Now the new feeder is up and running, just in time for this past holiday weekend. I don't know why, but we have more birds on the weekends and even more than usual this past weekend.

I guess it is like the rest of the tourists - everyone comes to the mountains on weekends and holidays. Hmm, maybe if we stopped feeding them they would stop coming, the tourists I mean... oops did I say that out loud?


June said...

Looks like a nice one. We have three different types...the one plastic one had been the most popular, but this year the hummers have avoided it. I figured once it gets busy they'll drink from it, but I'm wondering now if the plastic hasn't oxidized: I've noticed the nectar has been clouding up in it and wonder if that might be the reason. Changed the nectar...same thing. It might be time to replace. BTW, any tips on keeping bees away from it?

Kermit said...

My mom use to have humming birds all the time during the summer. She said they came because of her trumpet vine. She said she thought they liked the color red along with the nectar. ?? She love's watching them.