Wednesday, June 2, 2010

1001 blog posts

Surprised to see this on my blogger dashboard - 1000 blog posts...

I am still not sure what it is, this blog, or why do it - just for fun, something to do, a journal?

It is like a word quilt, colorful scraps of life pieced together like patchwork, stories of family, friends, home, nature, hiking, camping, quilts, memories, books, coffee, and chocolate (not necessarily in that order)!

Or maybe like a self-published magazine with something different every day or so, pictures, stories, reviews. Archives for research - what was that recipe? Or the name of that campground in Florida? Or what were the grandkids up to 4 years ago?

But definitely - Writing so that some day I can read it - that some day being when I can't remember what happened...

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