Monday, May 24, 2010

summer reading

on the nightstand

Under the Dome by Stephen King - weighing in at almost 4 pounds and 1074 pages, this will definitely be a challenge - I wonder how many times you can renew a library book?

And so the summer reading begins...

For summer I like to read the scary stuff, to sit in the sunshine whether at the beach or on my porch and say, "Okay, bring it on!" The bright sun and long days of summer contrast with the darkness and surprises of good thriller, and no one tells a better scary story than Stephen King.

I remember reading The Stand one summer in Florida, a perfect backdrop for the heavy apocalyptic fiction. If it got too intense, I could just stop and look around and see that all was still fine here in my world.

Another summer I read Pet Sematary which was fine in the light of day, but I made the mistake of reading way into the night and was then too scared to sleep, the creaks in this old house taking on a whole new life.

I picked up Under the Dome at the library last week, the size alone is intimidating before even turning the first page. It would make a great doorstop, flower press, exercise weight... but for now it will be my summer escape.

So if you dare, pick out a good King book to read in the summer sun, don't worry, all will be fine... unless you end up under the dome...


paula, the quilter said...

I'll be interested in a book report on this.

XUE said...

I remember reading Pet Sematary too & I was the same! I couldn't move after that as I was so terrified !
Happy Tuesday from Tokyo!

Motherkitty said...

The large pile of books on my bedtime dresser includes Under The Dome and I think three other SK books all waiting to be read. I start them and somehow get distracted. Under The Dome, however, has proved to be great reading so far. The Stand has been my all time favorite of his and I can't wait to compare this to that.

I think I own every one of his books -- my absolute favorite author of all times, next to about five others. Enjoy the reading.