Thursday, May 6, 2010

wasting time

Recently I needed to leave at noon, but wanted to get a day's work done, so I made a schedule and followed it strictly. Apparently I do better with a deadline.

Cutting out all the distractions - facebook, blogging, games people play, I find that I can get done with my work much earlier.

So on these beautiful spring days when I want to be outside or doing anything other than sitting at this desk, I buckle down and just do it, the work that is, and git-r-done early so I can go outside and play.

So when the boss comes around be sure you aren't playing solitaire, easy enough, but what about when you are the boss, who is to keep you in line and focused? What are your distractions?

dang, I just wasted 15 minutes on this blog post...


Sandra Henderson said...

It's even worse when you are your own boss! lol

I had to quit with the facebook when I started blogging. I still have a page for keeping up w/my daughter's photos,etc. No more farming though! lol
(Grover Henderson is the name)

Wendy said...

Hi, I found you through your comment on Smoky Mountain Hiker's blog. I quit blogging as much when I got on facebook.

I'm currently staying at home raising kids, so it's hard for me to be self-disciplined enough to get anything done, too.

Nice to "meet" you!