Tuesday, April 13, 2010


y'all come

It's all in the timing - apparently...

When I finally got around to checking the hummingbird migration map for this spring, I found that they had already passed me by, so I hurriedly made up some sugar water last week and put it out in the bright red feeders and waited, and waited...

Maybe instead of attracting the early birds, the overachievers, we will get the ones who got a late start, the ones who hit the snooze button one too many times, there are those in every family (you know who you are). Maybe we will be host to these latecomers who will be grateful to have a place to stay and eat, a place that caters to their laid-back-ness, who will appreciate our slow Southern ways.

I will soon have to change out the water, something about sugar water sitting in the hot sun a few days, it turns to ? maybe sugar wine? Maybe that's what they are waiting for, happy hour at the bird feeder!

So y'all hummingbirds come on down and set a spell, we've got plenty of sugar water where that came from!


Pam said...

Do they just do a fly-by and not stay for the season? We have one or two that stay all year long but the bulk of them will arrive in a month or so and will stay through October.

We have feeders all over the yard but they seem to ignore them as soon as the flowers start blooming.


June said...

I never knew that about the nectar...but then...our nectar barely lasted a day anyway! Hope this year is no different :-)