Friday, April 30, 2010

sweet spring

sweet shrub
take a walk, enjoy the sunshine, smell the sweet shrub

I used to visit Ms. Sellers' greenhouse every spring to get annual flowers for that 'instant' garden and color. She knew exactly what would grow here in these mountains, and every year she would remind me, 'don't plant anything before May 1st'. So every year I wait.

A few weeks ago when the days were sunny and 80 degrees and we had the windows open at night, I was asked if it was time to plant flowers yet. No, not yet. Then two mornings ago when it was 40 degrees and we had the heat on, I just smiled and remembered Ms. Sellers' advice.

Now on this last day of April, it is almost time. The flowers have been trucked in to the local garden stores - Home Depot, Lowes, Wal-Mart... but they are not the same as the ones Ms. Sellers grew.

She told me her favorite winter pastime was looking at all the seed catalogs that came in the mail, then she would plant the seeds in her greenhouse in the early spring and nurture the little plants along until novice gardeners like me would come by so she could teach us the names and which ones would grow in the shade and which colors went together and of course, 'don't plant before May 1st'!

My next project will be the deck flower boxes, but for now, whatever is blooming in the woods is just as beautiful, maybe Ms. Sellers learned about gardening from Mother Nature.

"One attraction in coming to the woods to live was that I should have leisure and opportunity to see the spring come in." ~ Henry David Thoreau


Bonnie Jacobs said...

Wow, your flower box is gorgeous!

My twins were born May 3rd, and I had to stay in the hospital a week because of foot surgery. I needed a winter coat to go home! That's in Chattanooga.

Kermit said...

I wish I had written down what my grand parents had to say about the sign's and when to plant and when to cut firewood ect. Guess they had to know because of the way they lived. My Dad always planted potatoe's on the 15th of March. They would get some frost bite but seemed we always had a good mess of them. We lost alot of knowledge when they past on.

Sandra Henderson said...

Your boxes are lovely. Yes, the old memories are so wonderful and I'm glad that you are now listening to mother nature's thoughts on mixing colors. I think that they can be like a patchwork quilt and so fun to watch them grow and change.
I really must plant more flowers next winter from seeds...
Thanks for sharing. I havent' gotten over to visit you in a while, need to catch up! I've been spending much time outside while it's so nice! before I'm stuck inside near A/c...