Thursday, April 1, 2010

spring hues and blues

If I walk out this door into the warm sun and cool breeze, I just might not come back inside... ever... or at least until wintertime rolls around again, the colors of spring are calling me - blues, greens, and yellows

yellow bells (forsythia)
reaching for the sun

more smiley faces
seen in the jonquils

giant tulip leaves casting shadows
on the tiny grape hiacinths

my happy willow tree
- as opposed to Judy's weeping willow here


Carrie said...

I was just thinking about your yellow bells yesterday, wondering if they had started blooming yet. The ones in Jasper are bright and colorful, along with what looks like cherry blossoms, and the bradford pear trees :)

Seeing Anew said...

My willow is glad (well sort of, as it *is* a weeping willow, and not inclined to mirth) to meet your willow! Our two willows are now linked :-). Even trees are social networking now! What an age to live in!

Rose said...

That one of the grape hyacinths is fabulous...but I like the others as well.