Thursday, April 22, 2010

spring cleaning

barn quilt project
barn quilt project - May 2008

spring cleaning - April 2010

My barn quilts have been hanging on the shed for 2 years. They were looking a little dingy so decided to wash them in soapy water... oops the paint is cracking, plywood is coming apart at the edges... bummer!

Guess I didn't do my homework on this project. So back to the drawing board, well not quite that far back. Down comes the square boards, into the shop, a little sanding and touching up paint, filling in the cracks with Gorilla Glue.

Cracker Barrel Brown

Found this great exterior paint in the shop - mmmm - Cracker Barrel Brown, wonder where that came from? Used it to paint the backsides. Next will be lots of exterior varnish/sealer.

Too bad you can't just throw them into the washer...


Pam said...

Oh man, I love your barn quilts...and remember when you and the girls created them. Fun times!


dot said...

I hope you get them back up. I love barn quilts but I've never seen one in person.

Sandra Henderson said...

Oh my! I'm glad you stopped to my blog so that I can now see YOUR blog! great idea! Are you available next week to come to Cumberland and paint some of these for my barn here?!?!?! great idea! I've admired them on the barns for a long time. On my blog, on the lower left is a link to Barn Quilts...