Wednesday, April 7, 2010

outlook hazy

One of the perks of climbing Stone Mountain is the 360 degree view of the surrounding area - the Atlanta skyline to the west and the Appalachian mountains to the north.

It was a perfectly clear day, blue sky, and we were looking forward to getting some awesome pictures. Since we can see Stone Mountain from the overlook at the top of Burnt Mountain, we thought surely we would be able to just look north and pick out which mountain was ours.

Atlanta skyline ? from Stone Mountain

As we neared the top, we looked back toward Atlanta, whoa, where is it? Just about 15 miles away, the haze/smog was so thick it was hard to make out the buildings. I snapped this picture of Madison with the ? skyline in the background.

The kids wanted to know which way was home, so to get our bearings we looked for the King and Queen towers that we passed on highway 400 (also about 15 miles away), but could barely make those out, much less anything north of there.

I know it has been a long time since I have been to Stone Mountain, back when you used to could see all these things, now I wonder if the air quality is this bad all the time. Maybe Atlanta was just having a bad day, this is what it should have looked like. Just one more reason to appreciate living far away from the big city, here in these mountains we call home.


Linda_J said...

Is part of it that yellow pollen stuff floating around right now? I believe I heard the weather guy say it was creating some hazy conditions on this side of the border.

Carrie said...

I'm thinkin Linda is right - I heard on the radio that the pollen count was 1600 the other day. They mentioned that anything over 120 is severe! Also, you know when it's really warm it's hard to get a good distance view.

Remember when we saw Denver for the first time?!?!