Thursday, March 4, 2010


Patchwork and snowflakes go together, don't you think? The colorful squares contrast nicely with the stark white snow for a winter day, a study in contrasts - warm and cuddly versus cold and wet.

When I told Buddy my idea of photographing the quilt in the snow, he said no, it will get ruined! I told him it is only water... and this is not one of the heirloom quilts handed down from Two-Mama or Aunt Bess with the old cotton batting showing through the threadbare vintage fabric, this is new and made from washable sturdy fabric, it is entirely sewn on the machine making it strong and durable. Besides, the next step is to throw it in the washing machine, so out into the snow it went!

Looks a little different from this one taken at the same spot.

~photo in the backyard 2 March 2010 click to enlarge


janeywan said...

My gosh it's gorgeous! Great idea to show off the brilliant colors.

The Calico Cat said...

I still like it.
Have you explained Twomama - maybe I just need a pronunciation guide.

Linda_J said...

Your quilt just glows next to the bright white snow! Pretty.

Jennifer said...

I can only add to what has been said, the contrast between the white snow and the bright quilt is fabulous.