Monday, February 1, 2010

wintertime blues

Grand Canyon

Wupatki National Monument

weary travelers

Wintertime, what is it good for? Every weekend it seems like it rains or snows, so the month of January was spent indoors, bummer. Saw a movie or two, watched lots of television. Trying to stay warm and dry, getting in firewood and keeping the fridge and pantry full just in case.

Looking for wintertime indoor projects - (note to self: must finish bow-tie quilt and dreaded income taxes). Buddy started scanning old photos into digital form to be preserved and saved onto disks - it is fun to once again enjoy our 1993 vacation to the Grand Canyon and places west, pictured.


Kerri said...

Nice to see these "warm" shots. We were there way back in '79, on our way across the country. It's an amazing place.
I have lots of indoor projects that need doing...if I can just get myself motivated to do them! I've completed a few, but there are plenty more!
Catching up with blog friends is the fun part :)

Jellyhead said...

I remember from living in the north of Canada as a kid that winter can get pretty gloomy. It's funny, though, because now I am sitting here all sweaty and hot, it sounds lovely to have cold weather, and the idea of being snuggled up warm inside watching movies sounds so cosy! Grass is always greener, I guess!

Hope you can get out & about a bit more very soon