Friday, February 19, 2010

reading and writing

We were reading online about the Kindle wireless reading device on Amazon, it doesn't appeal to me. I like to hold the book, feel the weight, see all the pages and words, like the feel of the paper.

For instance, I just finished Michael Crichton's Pirate Latitudes (his latest book - a manuscript that was found posthumously). The book looks like it is about pirates - the cover with the skull and crossbones in the water, the pages are faded a bit and ragged on the edges. You can refer to the old map of the Caribbean sea inside the front and back covers at any time while reading to trace the character's journey.

What is your preference? Reading online on on a hand-held device or a real book?

Speaking of reading, visited the library this week, the first time in a while. The Memory Collector by Meg Gardiner caught my eye, it sounds good, but the real reason I brought it home was because of what I read on the back cover:

"If you read Sue Grafton, Lee Child, Janet Evanovich, Michael Connelly, or Nelson DeMille, you're going to think Meg Gardiner is a gift from heaven." ~ Stephen King.

What makes you pick up a book and take it home? The cover, the author, the feel of the pages, or an awesome review by Stephen King?

I like to keep up with what I have read, and according to Library Thing I read 40 books in 2009! I am way behind that for this year already.

Do you know how many books you have read? Do you keep a list? It comes in handy so I won't check out the same one twice - but old age will solve that problem, I won't remember it anyway, so might as well read it over again - LOL!

Speaking of keeping up with things, I also like to see who is reading this blog, and use Site Meter - (website tracking tool to see who is visiting your site, how they found you, where they came from, and more).

The information is very interesting, a lot of folks end up here through search engines - the most popular results being 'gonna be a bear' 'pie song from Michael' 'indian trail trees 'Maxine cartoons'.

It is always surprising to me to hear of people actually reading what I write, like the other day a friend called with a question for Buddy and asked why I hadn't been blogging much lately, they missed reading it… and the neighbor who told Melissa at the grocery store how she keeps up with all of us by reading my blog… who knew?


Vanguard said...

Even though I'm a computer geek I too don't fancy the Kindle. I can see it's usefulness to people that travel a lot or have limited space. But basically all it can do is display books, on top of that the DRM can make reselling the book when your done nearly imposable. Now the new iPad from Apple with a book app maybe the ticket!

Sharon said...

I agree with not needed a kindle. My daughter has one but there is nothing like paper in your hand. My other thing is pencil and paper. I'd be lost with out my notebook and pencil..Where else can you jot down a great quilt inspiration on the run. Love your snow pics. Birmingham was white too last weekend..

Bonnie Jacobs said...

Nice to metcha, too. Wait, didn't we already do this -- in person?

Since I'm overflowing with books, a Kindle sounds like a great idea to me -- but I really like the feel of a good book in my hands. And I like to share my books with friends. When I'm through with books, I trade them for other books at the used book store. So I'll come down on the side of "real" in-hand books that can be read over and over by friends and family and some stranger who finds my old book on a shelf.

Pam said...

Love my Kindle! Fits in my purse, is with me all the time. Never without something to read when I find myself waiting somewhere for something or someone. 'Bookmarkers' allow me a mark a page (like a map) for quick reference. I can make footnotes and highlight various passages for quick reference. Love having the instant dictionary and use it far more than I thought I would. Love being able to immediately download the next book in a series rather than waiting until I can either get to the library or into town to purchase. My book count has gone up greatly since getting a Kindle simply because it is with me all the time, rather than forgetting it when I walk out the door. The Kindle is also part of my Less is More goal...less 'stuff' laying around to get rid of in one way or another, 40-60 books a year can make a difference in space.

Now, having said that...I still love the feel of a book in my hand...LOL If Ed is reading a great book and finishes it before it is due back to the library I will read it as well.

Ed goes to the library every week~sometimes more than once in a week ~~ lucky duck....retired, time on his hands...and he loves visiting with all the other 'old people' LOL small town America...the morning bakery crowd ends up at the library in the afternoon.

There you go...probably more info than you really asked for. LOL

paula, the quilter said...

I haven't been reading as much as I would like but then there just aren't enough hours and I need to prioritize my activities. I also haven't been utilizing Library Thing as much as I know I can, I'm just using it to keep track of my library. I have been wanting a Kindle or Nook but I'd sure would want to test drive before plopping down all that money.

Anonymous said...

My sister and her new husband got a kindle for Christmas. I thought it would be good for the husband who professed to read a lot, but have found out that he reads maybe 2 pages and then falls asleep or wonders off. I guess he doesn't have a big attention span. But not my problem, he belongs to my sister :)

I am a sucker for the book covers first. I have noticed lately if the publishers put a cute dog on the cover, I will at least pick it up and read the back. What sells me on the back is if it looks like a story that could happen to anyone. Nothing too farfetched, something I can relate to. I guess with having two teenage boys, I also prefer comedy to lighten up my load.

I enjoy reading your blog. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Lainee said...

I don't have any desire to have an electronic book. I'll have to check that author out since I've read most of Lee Child and a lot of Michael Connelly's books. A lot of times, I have checked out more than one book because I wasn't sure if I had checked out one of them before.

Paula said...

I was just watching the movie, "Michael", and googled the lyrics to the Pie Song and found your wonderful blog (and the equally wonderful Christmas Letters - you and your hubbie are both great writers!).

I love pie and movies AND books. And more books! The printed kind are my favorite portable packages of information and entertainment (plus, I just adore the different papers and textures and bindings), but I can definitely see the advantages of digital books, especially since I spend most of my time in The Bahamas and they would save me a bunch of shipping! (I know, it's a tough address, but somebody has to live here!) I've seen some of my friends' Kindles, which are lovely and great, but I'm looking forward to the Apple iPad ... all the advantages of a Kindle - plus - color and video and digital graphics and other software all in one cool device - excited about that helping me keep from having to add a room onto the house for more book shelves!

Really enjoyed discovering your blog ... I have Van Morrison's "Bright Side of The Road" (from the end of the movie, Michael) playing in my head ... must go and bake a pie now!