Tuesday, February 23, 2010

hiking home

In the news - Local teen hikes entire Appalachian Trail. Joseph Gudger, age 17, Eagle Scout, 22 pound pack, 4-1/2 months, 2178 miles.

Joseph Gudger went to night school to graduate early and hit the trail. He decided to begin in Maine and walk south. "Coming home sounded cool," he said, "a little more motivating than walking away."

Kudos to his parents and the local scouting program for molding this young man into someone who can accomplish such a feat. This experience will be with him always, and when something in life presents a challenge, he can look back and remember what a real challenge is and how he survived the AT!

Before reading about Joseph in our local paper over the weekend, I had already heard about his trip from granddaughter Sarah, who says she wants to hike the trail someday also. For so many of us who live day to day, or set goals like 'how far can I go in the latest video game,' Joseph is an inspiration to a lot of people, fellow students and adults alike.

Congratulations to Joseph, I know your parents and friends and the entire community are proud of you!

Click above picture to read article, or go to Times Courier - story begins at the bottom of this page, click 'next page' for the conclusion.


Jellyhead said...

What a great kid. I love to hear stories like this.

They must breed them tough in your neck of the woods :-)

dot said...

Wow, that's really fantastic. I thought it took almost a year to hike the trail. I bet he didn't pass the S. Carolina governor up there. lol