Monday, February 8, 2010

Etowah River Trail

river sand

carved in stone

heading downhill

Indian Trail Treestop for directions

scout project

The Etowah river was running full after all the recent rain. There are a lot of trails here, starting out in Boling Park in Canton. We followed the easy flat river trail for a ways, past Monument Rock with carvings dated 1894 and crossed the bridge built by local Boy Scout Troop 241. Then we branched off onto the orange loop trail along the rock-bottom stream, where we spotted an Indian Trail tree up on the ridge pointing toward the river - can you see it? Here's a closeup.


Melissa Scott said...

Brrrr! Too cold to hike!

Eddie said...

How long is the trail?

I been to the Etowah River many times west of the dam. I have in-laws that live less than a quarter mile away. It is always nice to visit them and see the river, just rolling along.