Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas 2009

the vintage story books and toys had been upacked and sitting in the corner, but went untouched as the grandkids were consumed with the latest electronic gadget... wires hanging from their ears, fingers flying, eyes glazed over... all was quiet

my role as granma was confirmed as I received 2 blankets and lots of sox (14 pair!) ... (note to self - don't tell everyone on your list the same thing...) Although most of the sox will be part of my working uniform (you might be a redneck if you can't work with shoes on?), 2 of them are hiking sox! and my BIG gift (literally) a new computer with a BIG screen, wow I can see! Just another perk of aging? mmm there definitely seems to be a theme here...

cameras and gps and more cameras and computers and hand held gizmos prevailed this year, described aptly by one of the kids, 'we're really geeked out this year!'

Carrie is the one to hold on to the old ways and knows the value of making and receiving handmade gifts. She made lots of scarves for her friends and me! And she made me a huge fleece blanket to keep me warm on the couch - Ga Tech colors, all ready to watch them play in the Orange Bowl game soon. I think one of her favorite gifts was a blast from the past - Where's Waldo book, she was having a hard time sharing that one.

Speaking of old ways, our annual traditional Christmas Eve gathering with ALL the family was postponed a day to Christmas Day night... since we now have a preacher in the family, she had to work on Christmas Eve! At first it sounded like a good idea, it is just one day, right? But as the time grew near, many folks were becoming melancholy... "this is my first Christmas Eve ever (in 56 years) that we haven't spent it with the whole family..." But it was all good, got to see everyone again and we didn't have to rush home and fill stockings etc.

it was a long day and night for those folks with kids, so this one says it all...

so on this day after as we eat stocking candy and wear new sox and try to get the new stuff to work... I hope everyone had a great Christmas!


Pam said...

Fun times at your house Susan! 14 prs of sockies, I would say you are good to go for a while.


Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Your Christmas looked as crowded and paper strewn as ours and with a lot of happy faces in there. I know that you had a Merry Christmas and now it's time to get ready for the upcoming New Year and I can see that you are ready and won't have any problem finding clean socks everyday to put on and armed with a new computer and warm blanket.

colleen said...

A lovely glimpse into a loving home at Christmastime. Thanks for sharing.