Wednesday, October 28, 2009

blog to book

I found this idea online back in July and the thought keeps popping into my head, it sounds like a good idea and a good rainy day/wintertime project: Make your blog into a book using Blurb.

Paula tried it and recommends it, she is making a separate book for each year of her blog. She gives the advice about picture sizes - find the original large size picture (not the small downsized one you put on the blog).

I emailed her about her project and she had this to say about the quality of the finished books and using the software:

I have received 2 books. The first one was a thinner book so it was a stapled spine. The second was thicker and was what is called in the industry as a perfect bound (smooth flat spine). Quality is very very good.

Ease of use of the software is about a B. I say that because it imports the WHOLE blog which is huge. Once the posts for the years that I don't want are removed from the import the software works good because it doesn't have to go thru the whole thing.

Have I really been doing this (blog) for 4 years and have over 900 blog posts? Is it worth putting into a book? What about being paperless and saving those trees?

It sounds like a fun project, I will probably do it, now finding all those pictures...


June said...

I've heard of people doing this...nice idea.

Anonymous said...

sounds like you could do four books. one for each year??